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purefiter make new friends nearly every day, wherever they go. These people are confident, enthusiastic, interesting, and they appear to be eternally happy and optimistic. I am talking about people who are the real thing, not those who present a polished image because they want to get something from other people. What about you?

Perhaps you are shy, reserved, modest, unassuming, and you are most comfortable sitting in the back of the room where you have a strong wall to lean on. You are the real thing too. And, you can make a friend, but you are picky about how you do that. That is OK. After all, friendship is supposed to be true, dependable, moral, comfortable, and available. So, why shouldn’t you take your time about acquiring a friend who fits well with who you are?

If this is the first time that you have read one of my articles, I should tell you that I write two types. One type is unpredictable. My imagination will be sparked to research almost any subject, and if I learn something that intrigues me, I may write an article about that. The other type is this article. I am a Christian. I understand that I have lived a blessed life and that God gives his grace to me for one reason: I truly believe that he exists, that he sacrificed his son, Jesus Christ, to give me a path to come home to him (to God in heaven), and that he guides me every day through the Holy Spirit (think of that like your conscience, the little voice that helps you to understand right from wrong, or a perception that you got an answer to a prayer). What does my being a Christian have to do with you making a friend?

I am trying to make you my friend now. I know that God loves everyone, and it should be my business to tell you that and help you to have his grace in your life as I do. Web search Matthew 28:16-20. That verse is Jesus, arisen from death three days earlier, telling his disciples how to grow the Christian Church. He told them to go out and meet people, to share the good news of God’s grace for them.

Once you are able to turn a stranger into an acquaintance, you can build a relationship at every new meeting. As you discover common traits and practices, you can make a new friend. It is by the time that you spend with that person that your friendship continues to grow. Your new friend should attain as much joy out of knowing you as you get out of knowing him or her. You may learn new ways to have fun and you may meet more people by your association with a new friend. Give those things back to him or her. Seek the joy of seeing your friend’s face light up when you show them something new. Invite your friend to attend Christian Church with you. Introduce him or her to your friends there.

I am throwing darts in the dark with these articles that I offer to God along with a prayer to help someone to seek God’s grace. But, you have friends. It is far more real and more effective for you to invite someone to Christian worship. Help your friend to have God’s grace in life and salvation when their life passes. Such a great friend you will be if you do that.

These days, depending upon, where one lose a pound a day gets his news, and information, becomes a major factor, in terms of, his beliefs, about, what is actually, facts, as opposed to, so – called, fake facts! The reality is, something is, really, factual, or not, and, while, each of us, is entitled to our own opinion, that doesn’t make it a fact! Never before, in recent memory, have we witnessed, such a large separation, between various sections of our nation, each believing, they know the real facts! When Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, he proclaimed, anything, or anyone, who disagreed with his position, and/ or, actions, was articulating Fake News, and/ or, Fake Facts. At one point, his adviser, Kellyanne Conway, actually, stated, what his detractors, considered lies, were really, alternative facts! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, review, consider, examine, and review, 5 ways to differentiate between these, to determine, actual facts, from these alternative realities.

  1. Consider the source: When most of the television media, often, agree upon, what happened, etc, one network, seems to often, introduce a different version, unfortunately, often, based on rumors, and somewhat of, an alternative reality! Whether, the information, comes from a reputable source, or not, each of us, should insist upon, seeing the data, which the reporting, is derived from! Even, data, might be misleading, depending upon, how it was gathered, etc. Some sources, and individuals, have a far better record, for accuracy, while, others, seem to be inaccurate, and, often, purposely, false and misleading!
  2. Check inconsistencies: President Trump has been reported, by many fact – checkers, as lying, or misstatements, 15, 000 times, since he was elected! That isn’t normal! In fact, when one changes his story/ version, when it seems to fit his purpose, he probably is being, less than truthful! When you are telling the truth, you don’t have to worry about remembering the facts!
  3. Verified (by whom): Demand verification of every questionable set of information, etc. Who did the verifying, and, what is their reputation, for honesty, etc? Remember, simply because someone, or some media source, proclaims something, doesn’t make it a fact!
  4. Does it make sense?: When someone defends himself, by hiding information, or refusing to allow, individuals, to speak, and explain, and the time – table, etc, seems to lack logic, it might not make sense!

So you have decided you want to get a job as a Brand Ambassador, which is, by the way, the true term for the above mentioned work. You might also hear these people called Promotional Models, which is similar, but slightly different in expectation and job description. Whichever one you want to be, you will have to show agencies a resume. Only problem is, you’ve never done this job. Almost all Brand Ambassadors and Promo Models work through an agency, which helps them to acquire these jobs at events and accounts. A good relationship with an agency first starts with showing them what you’ve got to offer!

Think of a Brand Ambassador resume as a resume in sales and marketing. Most people, at SOME point in their life have worked in sales. If that sounds like you, no matter how long ago that was, put it in this resume. What was your job description? Were you assisting customers on the floor with clothing or products? Perfect, add that to the resume! Did you work on commission? Great! This shows you are sales driven! What might seem like small tasks are important to note when making a resume for Brand purefiter Ambassador work. Agencies want to see that you have had experience enticing the general public to purchase something. If you have ever worked in marketing, this is extremely valuable too. This shows agencies and future employers that you stay in the know. You are aware of market trends, consumer tendencies, and what competitor’s products have to offer. Even if your experience had NOTHING to do with the types of things you see Brand Ambassadors promoting, that’s fine. The knowledge is still valuable. Explain what you did in this position, if you were any sort of team lead or head of any project, put it down!

Say you have never worked in sales or marketing at all. Our final tip is to let them know your people skills! ANY job is going to require people skills. Even if you had a job pumping gas (assuming you found a job at a gas station that still pumps the customer’s gas… ) you were interacting with people, making their experience a good one, from start to finish. Elaborate on how you made each interaction a positive exchange between consumer and manufacturer. Did you work at a daycare? Talk about how this honed your problem solving skills, and your ability to stave conflict and find a happy balance between all parties. You don’t have to say the “parties” were five years old! Did you ever hold a secretarial position? Talk about how your organization and computer skills keep you on task and goal oriented. Work in your personal interests when you can. Are you a runner? You’re a perfect fit for working the registration table at a charity run! Do you play video games? You’ll be awesome at a gaming convention! Agencies want to get to know you, and there are countless professional gastritis diet attributes that serve one well in this industry, including being tech savvy, polylingual, well spoken, and so much more!

You will find the most important part of this job is showing up on time, well educated on your brand, with a smile and a stellar work ethic. Like any job, your reputation will grow, and that will open even more doors. With these tips, you can cultivate a resume that opens that first door and says “I’m here, and you WANT to hire me!”


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